Sunday, July 29, 2007

Cool Dude Hayden

Hayden is sporting his new shades and hat. He looks so cooooool!

Lea Turns 28!

Josh took me to Benihana for dinner while Marie watched Hayden. It's a fun Japanese restaurant. We also had sushi. I had unagi (eel) and salmon and Josh had eel, salmon, and tuna. We missed him while we were gone, but we weren't gone long before we got to hold him again.

Our little peanut!

Baby Wearing Mama

Our little peanut in his new peanut shell. He's also sucking on the Hawkeye pacifier that Marie got him.

Ready to Go Shopping

Yep I can't get enough of sailboats! Here we are getting ready to go to Palm Beach Gardens to go shopping with Marie. We had a good time and Hayden was a good little shopper for us!

Happy Hayden

Friday, July 27, 2007

Hayden and Aunt Marie

Hayden's "GREAT" Aunt Marie came for a week long visit and we all had such a great time. She's been really fun to have around this week and I'm going to miss her.

Hayden on his changing table

Just a video of Hayden in a happy mood.

Surfin' USA

Here's Hayden practicing his tummy time on his surf's up tummy mat.

Come Sail Away

Grandma Debbie made a beautiful sailboat blanket for Hayden in our sailboat theme we just can't get enough of. It's really special.

MMMMMMM Guacamole!!

Marie and I made guacamole during her visit after we got some avocados from the farmer's market. We didn't have most of the ingredients, but had fun improvising and it turned out really good.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mommy and Hayden

Josh caught us napping last Saturday morning on the couch and thought it was cute we were both sleeping in the same position. I'm such a light sleeper so it's nice to take naps with Hayden without worry.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Video of Hayden and Josh

Here's Hayden showing off holding his bottle. Sorry about the background noise. I always seem to forget about that when I hit the record button.

Big boy Hayden

Here's Hayden holding the bottle all by himself! Just a fluke, but it was really cute.
Yes Hayden likes to suck his fingers. Actually he just likes to suck. It's usually his pacifier, which I wasn't planning on giving him before he was born, but he really likes it so I guess it's ok for now. He will suck his thumb, two fingers, or his ring finger. He doesn't find them too often yet, but I'm sure he will start to soon.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Happy 1 Month Birthday Hayden!!

Hayden is one month old. We got back from his checkup and he weighs 11.1 lbs. and is 22.5 inches long. He is in the 75th percentile for his height and weight. We can't believe how much he's grown.