Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Our beautiful nieces

Our nieces, Olivia and Emma. These pictures are from Thanksgiving so they've both grown quite a bit since then. Olivia will be turning 8 on April 21st and Emma is now 18 months old.
Olivia loves her little sister and is very protective of her too!
Emma absolutely loved her present! She is very smart and Lea's sister quit counting how many words she could say after 50. Lea's sister works on her saying her Aunt Lea's name, but when Emma's prompted to say Lea, she says Josh instead. But she does know that we go together!
Emma is sooooo big!
Olivia is becoming so grown up. We can't believe she'll be in 3rd grade next year!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Belly Picture

Here they are by popular demand... my very pregnant belly. This is 31 weeks and 1 day. Both my mom and sister think I am further along. I am only 5'1" so there isn't a whole lot of room left for him to grow.

Upstairs Pics

Here are some pictures of the upstairs of our townhouse. Josh thought we should add them.

Josh's ship that he's been working on since Thanksgiving. It was an early birthday present from Lea's parents.

Pictures of the office

Guest bathroom

Guest bedroom

Our home

Here's the photos of our new home:

Our backyard. A walking trail goes around the neighborhood and leads to the creek. I don't go down there because of the "Caution: Wildlife" sign. Spare bathKitchen-- laundry room behind bi-fold doors.

Photos of us and other family
Our big tub. I can't wait to take a bath after the baby comes. It actually should help before we go to the hospital. I'm too paranoid to take a bath now.
Dining room
Living room

Living room
Going home outfits for Hayden in different sizes. We'll see which one he'll fit into. He's pretty much covered for 0-3 month outfits.
Sweater that zips up the back and booties plus an afghan that Grandma Gail knitted
And we must not leave Charlotte out of the photos! She's so spoiled.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Cardinals Spring Training

During the month of March we spent our Sunday afternoons in Jupiter, Florida (about 40 minutes away) watching the Cardinals getting ready for their 2007 season. After the first game we started going early to watch them doing their warm-up drills where we got autographs from Tony LaRussa, David Eckstein, Chris Duncan, Aaron Miles, Skip Schumaker, and So Taguchi.
So Taguchi's autograph
Tony LaRussa and David Eckstein's autographs (Eckstein's is a little hard to see in this picture).

David Eckstein. At the night game in Vero beach between the Dodgers and the Cardinals, Josh took the book to get some autographs and he got several including my favorite player, David Eckstein.

Albert Pujols
Chris Carpenter
Jim Edmonds
So Taguchi
Lou Brock was at the first game we went to. Josh had been standing at the front waiting to catch a player for an autograph when the announcer said for everyone to take their seats. Right after he sat down Lou Brock came out exactly where Josh was standing and gave out several autographs. During the games, the kids got the most autographs since they were the only ones allowed in front of the rope.
Adam Wainwright

Nursery Pictures

We're pretty much done with the nursery for Hayden and we thought we'd share some photos of it along with some other special items we've received.

Baby Cup from Grandma Dawn with Hayden's initials inscribed.
No one will be misunderstood when it comes to the favorite teams in the Neally house.
Hello Herky and Hello Fredbird (autographed by several Cardinals). We read these books to Hayden and he seems to like them... :)
Diaper bag I've had since after Thanksgiving and a Bumbo sitter from Grandma Gail (Lea's Grandma).
Dresser with changing pad from Grandma Dawn.
Nautical oar growth chart that fits great with the theme of the nursery.
Play mat passed down from Aunt Andrea and cousins Olivia and Emma along with a sailboat nightlight.
Sailboat lamp from Grandma Debbie and Grandpa Denny.
Hayden's baby book from Grandma Gail.
Storage baskets to hold all the essentials. I got a great deal on the shelves! Yea!
Baby bouncer and swing also passed down from Aunt Andrea and Olivia and Emma.
Sailboat crib mobile plays "Hush Little Baby".
Sailboat bedding.
Baby Hayden's nursery.