Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Recent happenings

Now when we put Ava to bed she sits up and crawls over to the edge and stands up. When we go back in her room to lay her back down she bounces up and down all excited to see us. Ava is also crawling on all fours now and she waves and claps.

Bedtime for Hayden

On Wednesday nights we all head out to the ballpark to watch Josh play slow pitch on the Summerwinds softball team. They are currently undefeated!

Ava proud of herself for standing up

Last week it was really nice and warm so we set up the little pool. The water was pretty cold and Hayden was not liking it. Ava splashed around for a couple minutes before we pulled her out too.

Occasionally Hayden gets crabby right before dinner so Josh took them for a ride in the wagon

Hayden looking for the perfect rock to take home

Taking shoes off to dip their feet in

Out on a hike. I wore Ava in the Ergo carrier on my back and Hayden loved throwing the rocks in the water.

Ava and Quincy at Quincy's birthday get together

Friday, May 15, 2009

Ava is now 9 months old!

Laughing at Hayden in the tub

Loving her shapes cookie jar
Much better since Mommy fixed her piggies.

Sitting Pretty

Pulling herself up in her crib

Wow! Ava is now 9 months old. She's such a happy baby, a great sleeper, and very playful and curious. She loves to pull up on anything she can reach. She still has only her bottom two teeth. We officially switched her to the big girl car seat and she loves being able to look out the window. She's making all kinds of noises and babbles a lot.

Update: Ava had her Dr. appointment today and she is 27.5 inches long and 18 lbs. with a head circumference of 17.5 inches.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday. Josh did our whole morning routine of diaper changes, feeding of both kids, and took care of the dog while I tried to fall back asleep. They all gave me a beautiful vase. Later we had reservations at Chateau on the Lake for their Mother's Day brunch. They had an amazing spread of salads, breakfast and dinner items with made to order omelets and shrimp and crab legs, and a huge dessert table with a chocolate fountain you could smell when you walked by. After dinner we went to the Butterfly Palace and both Hayden and Ava enjoyed all the butterflies and the 3D movie. Ava loved the Iguana in the rainforest critters section and was just kicking her legs while she watched it. We all went through the mirror maze, which you had to be careful otherwise you would smack yourself right into a mirror. When we got home Josh and I finished watching a movie we started while the kids were napping earlier and then it was time for bed.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hayden Pics

Going down the slide. Weeeeeeee!

Feeding Ava's baby

Monday, May 4, 2009

Made to Match Jewelry

Swim Garden

Seaside Getaway

Fresh Daisies

Blue Skies

Fiesta Flair

A couple months ago I decided to start making Ava some bracelets to go with several of her outfits. I didn't have a lot of time in the beginning to sit down and make them, but really each bracelet takes about five minutes to make so it was nice to have a little hobby that didn't take up a lot of time.