Friday, January 30, 2009

New Pictures of Hayden

Hayden had to have another bath this morning because he squirted lotion in his hair.

Hayden likes to play Super Frog after his bath. He runs around the house with just his towel on and giggles and giggles.

Reading Love You Forever, one of Hayden's favorite books.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Summer Stash

"Please let me have the camera!"

Well summer is going to sneak up on us at our house so we are slowly getting summer clothes for Hayden. We bought a few things ahead last summer-- mostly just tshirts and no shorts. Here is an outfit for this summer. Normally I can't stand cammoflauge anything for Hayden, but since this set is called "On Safari" I found it more appropriate-- plus it was a good price.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Here's What's Cookin'

Well Josh didn't feel up to putting the kitchen together so I gathered up the screwdriver/drill (since the holes aren't pre-drilled) combo and got to work. It would have been easier without Hayden trying to grab the drill or screws at every chance he got, but we got it done. After he went to bed I was able to get the decals on and set all the food up. When he got up the next morning he was in heaven. He went right to cooking up Mommy and Daddy some eggs and bacon. Yum!

Friday, January 16, 2009

What's New?!

Hayden and Ava's new ride. We really debated which double stroller to get. We love the versatility of our single stroller since it's good for any type of terrain so we wanted something similar in a double. It came down to the Bumbleride Twin Indie or the Valco and we ultimately decided on the Valco. Now the color decision was a little more difficult. We didn't want red since our single was red and we wanted something different. I really liked the Sunrise Navy/Orange combo, but that was last year's model going for the same price as this year's model, but the new models have some upgrades such as the shade being bigger. Finally it came to pistacchio or the Boy Meets girl, but I was leaning away from the boy meets girl. Josh talked me into it. What's nice about the boy meets girl color is that it came fully accessorized with foot muffs, a rain cover, a sunshade, and cupholder. What made up my mind on the Valco was that when you close it there's a lock and the Bumbleride didn't have that and people found that it would open up as it was put into the trunk. The valco has a nice basket underneath like most strollers, but also has saddle bag pouches on both sides of the basket as well as pouches behind each hood. It's a great place to put sunscreen, extra pacifiers for Ava (when she'll take one), or snacks.

Ava is now 5 months old as of yesterday and not much is new with her. She's very expressive and is such a happy go lucky baby. I came down with the stomach flu on Wednesday night and Josh took Hayden to work with him at the new office where the playroom is huge and has a giant pirate ship for him to climb all over. It's like a continuation of his bedroom! But, Ava was a dream baby. She slept a lot and let mommy rest or she was just happy playing. Then last night Josh came home from work not feeling well and he was up late being sick into the night too. Today we are just getting rested up and rehydrated. So far the kids are showing no signs of getting sick and we hope it stays that way. Josh has to get better because Hayden's Christmas present from Bibi is coming via UPS today(his play kitchen). He had gotten one play kitchen that we brought home with us from Colorado and when I went to set it up half of it was missing (only one box of two was shipped). I called Amazon and they told me a replacement was being sent and should arrive Monday or Tuesday of the following week. By Friday we had no kitchen so Josh called back and I guess the other customer service rep was wrong and they weren't sending a replacement and the kitchen we got was no longer in stock! Ugh. So they issued a refund and we picked out a different one. No big deal.

"I love my big brother," Ava says.
Hayden giving some attention to Ava

Hayden loved playing with Josh's wallet so we got him a cheap one for him to play with and I put some old cards in it for him.

Hayden and his bed head after waking up from his nap

Monday, January 12, 2009

Recent Pictures of Hayden and Ava

Ava looking sweet in an outfit she got for Christmas

Showing off the matching hat
Cute smiles and a BIG BOW she got from one of my friends, Kristy.
Giant smiles from Ava

Hayden running off with the remote to the playroom

Hayden trying to get to the window seat

Ava doing her tummy crunches

Hayden isn't always into posing for the camera. He usually tries to take it from me so he can play with it. Needless to say we end up with lots of weird close up pictures of him. So it seems we have to sneak up on him to get a picture.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Goodnight Hayden

Night Night Hayden
Night Night My Dear
Night Night Hayden
Mommy's Always Near
(in this case Daddy since Mommy put Ava to bed tonight).

Hayden is now 19 MONTHS OLD!!! We can't even believe it. Hayden is such a happy boy and so full of spunk. He is constantly climbing on everything. He now climbs on his rocking chair to reach for his radio on the bookcase next to it. He's almost able to climb out of his crib-- not yet thankfully. Today he climbed on the couch and found his crayons on the window seat and he came out with green crayon on his sweater and green and purple drool coming out of his mouth. Yay for non toxic crayons. He normally has free rein of the playroom so we had to find a better hiding spot for his crayons. He likes to get into EVERYTHING and today he also climbed on a dining chair, reached for the wipes box, and started pulling out all the wipes. Whenever he grabs my phone he runs away, around the dining table, into the living room, and back all the while giggling up a storm. He's always calling someone by accident. Even if I have my phone on lock he can somehow manage to push all the right buttons to unlock it. The other day he leaned down next to Ava and started shaking his head at her and making funny faces to get her to laugh. Uncle Louis taught him that in the car. He loves to dance, read his books, and play with his blocks. He's been having a couple rough nights with his canines coming in. One top canine has already broken through and the other doesn't look too far behind. He's such a good helper as when he finds a bottle he tries to give it to Ava. It's super adorable.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I know winter just started...

But we are ready for warm weather. Here is Ava in her swimsuit and sunhat.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Ava Pics

I didn't get a picture, but when Ava lays on her back she is always doing little crunches like she's trying to sit up. It is the cutest thing. She's so strong and she's not that far from sitting up on her own. Just a little more work on balance and she'll be there.

Daddy's so funny... :)

Ava and her Daddy.

Ava's a happy girl!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hayden Pics

Playing with the clipo table he got for Christmas

One of Hayden's new things is climbing in his chair to read his books

Go Hawkeyes!