Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Nice Day

In the fall I was able to get all the leaves bagged up in the front yard, but it got too cold before I could finish the back.

Hayden got out the bubbles and was practicing blowing into the wand (one of our speech exercises)

Ava thought the dogs chasing each other was the funniest thing!

Today while the kids were napping I heard the neighbor kids playing outside so I thought I'd let Hayden and Ava play outside after they woke up. They had a lot of fun climbing on the playground and going down the slides. The dogs chased each other all around the yard and had fun too. I managed to get some really good pictures for once. This year is going to be so much nicer with Ava being able to run around and climb too. We still have a lot of work to do to finish the border of the playground, but that's our big project this Spring before it gets too hot around here.

This morning Hayden was being really loving to Ava. He went up and gave her a big hug and then reached out for her hand and led her all around the house and then into his room to show her his books I recently switched out. It was too adorable.

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